Stop Student Loan Debt Default

Stop Student Loan Default

If you have missed a payment you are likely to already be considered in default on your loan status. The default status doesn’t just come with a haunting title, it comes with additional consequences of damaged credit and the risk of wage garnishment. Even if you have only missed a single payment, chances are you could be facing some serious trouble ahead.

Student loan lenders mean business when it comes to collecting payments and, unlike other creditors, they do choose to take swift action against defaulters. Many lenders jump right into wage garnishment at the first opportunity, and you certainly can’t afford for that to happen. Don’t let your lender garnish your paycheck for repayment!

One of the things we do here at the Pew Law Center is put a stop to student loan debt default. We work hard to halt the default status on your loan, fight to stop any further collection actions against you while also working out a solution to resolve your financial problems. Debt default is serious, and we do serious work to give you the help you need. We can fight off lenders, lower your payment, and may even be able to find you loan forgiveness or a debt discharge.

Time is ticking on your missed payment. Don’t let another day go by without finding out more about the debt relief options available to you!

Stop Debt Default

The Pew Law Center is the The Valley’s Premier Student Debt Advocates! Not only do we make halting your student loan debt default our top priority, but we work with you to help put you on the financial freedom. You don’t have to suffer under high  monthly payments and the threat of financial disaster, let our student loan lawyers review your options with you. Get started by calling us at 480-447-3636 to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation.