Lower Student Loan Payments

Lower Your Student Loan Payments

It is estimated that two-thirds of all student loan borrowers are in default. What is even more shocking is that the majority of those people are overpaying their monthly payments. So, if so many people are overpaying on their balances its no wonder the rate of default is so high. The bottom line: people are paying more than they have to or even can afford to pay.

Why let that be you? We can lower your payment and get you the financial relief you need to make ends  meet and go on with life.

The trick is negotiating with your lender. They certainly don’t want you to know that your “minimum payment” is influenced by many factors and  is, therefore, not a one-size-fits all number. You do have some say in your monthly minimum payment, and we can secure you a lower payment.

We are trained negotiators that can fight to lower your payment! Our student loan lawyers will work hard to get you the lower payment you deserve. We don’t want you to suffer another day with high monthly payments and financial hardship. Let us negotiate with your lenders and lower your payment to an amount you can truly afford!

Get A Lower Payment Today

At the Pew Law Center our mission is helping those who pursued higher education overcome the burden  of student loan debt. If you want to get relief from high  payments, risking default and actually lower your payment, call us today at 480-447-3636. We offer no-risk consultations that can answer all of your questions and start the steps necessary to get you student loan debt relief.