Student Loan Debt Alternatives

alternativesMany college hopefuls start out with a plan to get their degree and make good money in a solid career. The unfortunate truth is that the job market doesn’t always support these plans and  more graduates are leaving with more student loan debt than they can afford to repay. If you, or your children, are approaching the time to go off to college, consider these alternatives to borrowing:

Scholarships-- there are numerous scholarships available for things like academics, athletics and more. Having a specialty or skill that sets you apart from other applicants can gain you the opportunity to have your tuition paid for. There are even scholarships for specific fields of interest, some of which will put you in touch with a company in that field offering tuition assistance in exchange for working at the company.

Grants — each year hundreds of thousands of dollars of grant money go unclaimed by people simply not taking the time to research and apply for grants. There are grants for everything from economic need, to field of study and passed activity involvement.

Modified Schedules — while college life may already be hectic with going to school, consider taking less hours and working to help support your finances and save for future tuition costs. Adding even one year to your degree can save you thousands in unnecessary loans.

Even if you have already graduated and are carrying a giant student loan burden, there are solutions to help. Contact our student loan lawyers to discuss ways to lower payments, get out of debt, and regain financial control.