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The student loan lawyers at the Pew Law Center know how stressful a debt can be and we want to help.

Each year college students face the rising costs of tuition. Over the  last decade the costs for a good education have skyrocketed, leaving many with few options for paying their tuition bills outside of a loan. If you ask recent graduates the consensus is that their walk across the graduation stage gained them a degree in one hand and an unbearable student loan debt in the other.

The near $1 trillion student loan debt bill is a clear reminder that there is a real problem growing in America today. It is estimated that 41 percent of borrowers are delinquent on their repayments within the first five years of graduating.

If you are one of the millions in default, or just struggling to keep up with your payments, you don’t have to stress another day. At the Pew Law Center, we have real debt relief solutions that can stop student loan default, lower payments, find debt forgiveness and even have debts discharged.

Real Debt Relief

Did you know that there are several ways resolve your student loan debt problems? It’s true. Lenders don’t want you to know their secrets, or give away any indication that you may be able to qualify for reduced payments or even forgiven balances. They make their money off you spinning your wheels to pay high payments with huge interest fees. So what happens when you can’t afford to repay? You could find your wages garnished, credit damaged and even be sued by your lender.

The Pew Law Center offers real solutions and real results for your student  loan debts. Our student loan lawyers work with many cases just like yours, getting people back in control. We can help you get out from under high monthly payments, stop default, and negotiate a lower payment plan. You put in the time to pursue a higher education, now let us put in the time to overcome the burden of student loan debt.

Stop The Cycle

Each day that passes that you miss a payment or  spin your wheels in financial hardship is a day of freedom lost. Let the student loan lawyers at the Pew Law Center fight to resolve your debt problems and get you on the path to financial stability. Call us at 480-447-3636 to schedule your FREE consultation today!